Monday, June 9, 2008

Give Away Prep

Today was spent getting ready for this Sunday's giveaway. Our give away is like a free yardsale. This will be our second give away. Our first give away was the first Sunday in December 2007 and it seemed to be a big hit. We had over 150 people come into our church and everyone was saying that they hadn't heard of anything like it before. The picture is two people who came. On the left is Vickie. She was a prostitute at the time, but I recently heard she is in a program that is helping her get off drugs and learn some job skills. I forget the other lady's name. I think the Give Away was a major step in building our reputation in the community. It created a little bit of a buzz and people thought about it for a short while after it happened. I think that doing another one could help to strengthen our image to the community as a church that wants to help. A lot of times this is the image churches want the community to have of them, but they never really do anything to make it reality. I am curious how well our give away is going to do. We have just as much stuff as last time, but it is a different time of year. In December it was cold, so people wanted clothes and Christmas was right around the corner so they might have been getting presents. June is a little different. Its hot, so people may not be as interested in clothes and there aren't any other reasons like Christmas presents to get stuff. Still people like free stuff and downtown people need stuff. It seems like it won't make that much of a difference. I don't know! I guess we will find out. Anyways, today we had a van load and a half of stuff leftover from the God's Bible School & College yardsale to take down to Main Street Chapel. It was hot work, but Nolan, Tyler and Daniel helped, so it went pretty quick. They seem excited about it. It seems people are willing to volunteer to help with stuff when it seems like it is really helping others. Plus, they got a free lunch out of it!

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