Monday, October 18, 2010

Voice Lessons

Jeff Dewhurst has been giving voice lessons to these three young ladies for the past several months. His dedication to professionalism, passion for music and sincere Christianity pushes the girls to excellence.

The girls are encouraged to practice through the week and are beginning to sing specials for church. Jeff is the Music Minister at our church and has really drawn people to God in worship.

Choir Practice at Our Church...

Choir practice was fun yesterday! Our crew is going to Tennessee this coming Saturday and everyone is excited about it. Yesterday we created new choir binders and developed our Choir guidelines. Our Choir decided the most important element of our choir was to sing! Not really...but that along with coming to practice and listening to the choir director were the main points of discussion!

What I love most about choir is seeing the faces of these young people lifted in worship. There are the fun moments when the whole choir is clapping, swaying and singing their hearts out and during some of those times are when I catch expressions of worship and praise to God. Yesterday one of the girls had her eyes closed and I "caught" one of our guys singing his heart out in worship...then he saw me watching and became self-conscious. But this is what choir is all about! It gives our people a chance to worship God in an unhindered atmosphere.

Pray for us as we travel this weekend. It will be a long trip and just pray that we can have those "God-moments" along the way!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Scavenger Hunt - The Winning Team!

Teen Power 2 had a scavenger hunt last night and this is the picture of the winning team! Contestants had to find random items, sing in a parking lot, get their picture taken with a fast food employee, form a pyramid and create a group name and rap. Our name? Team Impossible!

"We are Team Impossible and we can't be stopped,
We are gonna climb to the top, top, top!"

After returning to the church, Kyndra Tichenor gave a short devotional on the importance of having an attitude like Jesus. She did a great job!

Teen Power 2 is a split off the old group. The original Teen Power began almost 10 years ago and those teens are obviously not all teens anymore. While the original group still meets on Tuesday nights, Teen Power 2 meets on Thursday nights and targets 11-16 year old teens downstairs as well as kids over 5 upstairs. Last night we had around 20 kids, 13 teens and 10 workers.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our New Roof!

Our church has long needed a new roof. Matt's dad traveled in from Pennsylvania to oversee the whole process and as of about 1:00 today the job is finally completed! We are also grateful for the help of David Tucker, Jordan Terrian, Paul Holden, Justin Jamison, Jeff Dewhurst, Austin Watters & Austin's dad - Mr. Watters.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting Back into Blogging

As you may notice there has been some recent activity on this blog. We would like to keep our friends and supporters updated on a weekly basis as to our activities and progress. Blogging seems like a great way to do it.

The past few weeks have seemed overwhelming at times because of the huge needs of our people. Tuesday night there were five guys at our house who would all like to go back to school. Dorcas tested them on Thursday night and we are going to be checking into what possibilities there are for them. Getting an education is foundational for giving any kind of hope to our teens.

What kind of Christian would you be if. . .your parents were homeless, you dropped out of High School in 9th grade, you have no permanent home yourself, you have no income (besides $200 of food stamps each month), no transportation and no one to give you a job reference? These are the questions we are faced with regularly.

Currently we have ten young people - over the age of 18 - who faithfully attend at least two services a week at our church but have dropped out of High School. In talking to any of these youth, you will find a deep desire to finish High School but they just do not think they can make it on their own. They need help.

A Mustang for Main Street Chapel?

In the month of June, the Main Street Chapel Choir traveled to Michigan. In the service at Adrian, Michigan, Tim and Nicole Turner were moved upon to help Main Street purchase a new van. They had a 2003 Convertible Mustang that they were preparing to sell. Instead of selling it and keeping the profit, a few weekends ago they hauled the car here to Cincinnati and gave it to our church. We were moved and challenged by the generosity of this young couple. May God bless them for their spirit of giving!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

TOPS Students

With three students and a great assistant Director, Kyndra Tichenor, TOPS is off to a great start this year! Britney, Erica and Tanisha all have a desire to learn and be Christians. Keep them in your prayers. . .