Friday, September 10, 2010

Scavenger Hunt - The Winning Team!

Teen Power 2 had a scavenger hunt last night and this is the picture of the winning team! Contestants had to find random items, sing in a parking lot, get their picture taken with a fast food employee, form a pyramid and create a group name and rap. Our name? Team Impossible!

"We are Team Impossible and we can't be stopped,
We are gonna climb to the top, top, top!"

After returning to the church, Kyndra Tichenor gave a short devotional on the importance of having an attitude like Jesus. She did a great job!

Teen Power 2 is a split off the old group. The original Teen Power began almost 10 years ago and those teens are obviously not all teens anymore. While the original group still meets on Tuesday nights, Teen Power 2 meets on Thursday nights and targets 11-16 year old teens downstairs as well as kids over 5 upstairs. Last night we had around 20 kids, 13 teens and 10 workers.

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