Monday, October 18, 2010

Choir Practice at Our Church...

Choir practice was fun yesterday! Our crew is going to Tennessee this coming Saturday and everyone is excited about it. Yesterday we created new choir binders and developed our Choir guidelines. Our Choir decided the most important element of our choir was to sing! Not really...but that along with coming to practice and listening to the choir director were the main points of discussion!

What I love most about choir is seeing the faces of these young people lifted in worship. There are the fun moments when the whole choir is clapping, swaying and singing their hearts out and during some of those times are when I catch expressions of worship and praise to God. Yesterday one of the girls had her eyes closed and I "caught" one of our guys singing his heart out in worship...then he saw me watching and became self-conscious. But this is what choir is all about! It gives our people a chance to worship God in an unhindered atmosphere.

Pray for us as we travel this weekend. It will be a long trip and just pray that we can have those "God-moments" along the way!

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Anonymous said...

Pulling for you. God bless Dad